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William Pereira (William L. Leonard Pereira, April 25, 1909, Chicago - November 13, 1985, Los Angeles) is an American architect who built hundreds of concrete buildings and proved that this material offers endless possibilities, and brutalism is a trend of bizarre forms and designs.

Features of the work of architect William Pereira: A passionate lover of science fiction, Pereira did not limit himself to familiar terrestrial forms of architecture. He is one of those brutalists who used the sculptural capabilities of concrete to make any traditional ideas about the shape of buildings a thing of the past. Pyramids and ziggurats, entire cities that grew up around universities, futuristic airports that are quite capable of serving as scenery for space sagas, and a library in the shape of hands holding books. Perforated concrete structures and thin supports that fold into a sphere, glass and colored lighting. Pereira's works still determine the appearance of American cities and set the direction for urban projects, fall into the lists of the highest and finest, and quite often into the camera of filmmakers.

Famous buildings of William Pereira: Geisel Library, Transamerica Tower, Los Angeles International Airport Building.
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