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Pierre Luigi Nerves

Pierre Luigi

Pierre Luigi Nervi (It. Pier Luigi Nervi; June 21, 1891, Milan - January 9, 1979, Rome) - Italian architect, who was called the poet of reinforced concrete, one of the innovators and passionate adherents of brutalism in architecture. Built in Italy, France, America, Canada, Australia and even in the Vatican.

Features of the work of architect Pierre Luigi Nervi: Nervi worked on really grand buildings, so he often worked on them as part of large commissions and copyright tandems. On his account, and the modernist Catholic Church in San Francisco, and stadiums, and exhibition centers, accommodating hundreds of thousands of spectators, and one of the highest skyscrapers in Italy - the Pirelli Tower, in the process of creating which Nervi insisted on the non-standard rounded shape of the walls. He took part in the work on the UNESCO headquarters building in Paris and designed the Pontiff's Audience Hall in the Vatican. As an engineer by training, Nervi undertook the most complex and significant designs around the world.

Famous buildings of Pierre Luigi Nervi: Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (San Francisco), Norfolk Sphere, Pirelli Tower (Milan).
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