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Paul Rudolph (born Paul Rudolph, October 23, 1918, Elkton, USA - August 8, 1997, New York, USA) is an American architect, professor of architecture at Yale, Harvard, Princeton Universities, one of the leading representatives of the direction of brutalism in architecture.

Features of the work of architect Paul Rudolph: Walter Gropius’s Harvard student, Paul Rudolph worked for several years on teacher recommendations and followed the principles of international style in architecture. But he quickly felt that the strict functionalism of this style fetters and limits it. Paul Rudolph considered symmetry boring. His designs fashion an external sculptural form and flowing, uneven volumes of internal space. He turned the floors on the supporting columns and changed the number of storeys in different parts of the building, pushed the upper floors forward above the lower floors and used the difference in volumes to create a dramatic, dynamic effect.

Famous buildings of Paul Rudolph: Wisma Dharmala Shakhti (Indonesia), Orange County Government Center, Milam Residence (Florida), Yale School of Arts and Architecture, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Library.
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