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Tata (Tatyana)

born in 1976 •

Tata (Tatyana) Chvanova was born and raised in Moscow.
In her youth she attended an art studio (painting section), planned to enter the Textile Institute. But at the insistence of her parents, she graduated from the RGAFK in 1998, specializing in rehabilitation, Within the framework of the profession, she studied psychophysics, human psychosomatics and was fond of Qigong.
The interest in painting that arose in his youth does not leave Tatyana throughout her sports and medical career. Already in adulthood Tatyana makes the final decision to return to painting.
Since 2016, he has been actively painting in the style of abstract expressionism.
Pictures of Tata (Tatyana) Chvanova can be divided into achromatic in the technique of impasto and color series.
Over the past 3 years, 2 solo and 12 collective exhibitions have been held.
A number of works are in private collections in Russia and Italy.
Since 2019, a member of the Club of Professional Artists ArtPriority and the European Art Union.
The work “Flower Garden” won 3rd place at “ArtWeek China 2019”.
"quote from the brief for the 2019 personal exhibition.

  • About me
    Каждый видит мир и чувствует по своему. Я тоже смотрю на мир и слышу чувства и эмоции. Иногда они открываются мне с необычной стороны, тогда я беру киcть и переношу это на холст. Художник лишь проводник. Каждый может найти в моих картинах разные грани пространства и чувств, что-то знакомое, что-то забытое и новое.
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