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Mazur Alexey Vladimirovich
Born April 29, 1962
He graduated from high school, after - a medical school.
In 1981, he worked at an ambulance station.
In 1985-1989 he studied at the graphic arts faculty of Odessa Pedagogical Institute.
He worked at the station of young naturalists. He was engaged in applied biology and animalistics, while at the same time doing purely creative work.
Depending on the task, he used various techniques - ceramics, painting on fabric, worked with stone, wood, metal, gouache, watercolors, oil, etc. The material and technique depended on the specific task. The main desire (goal) is the transfer (or reflection) of the beauty of forms, textures, plastics of the animal world.
He worked as the director and artist of the ecological zoo museum at the station for young naturalists, made dioramas, landscape gardens, winter gardens, and was involved in the design of aquariums and terrariums. He taught classes with naturalists in applied biology and animalistics. Participated in expeditions - an artist and an animal catcher.
Since 1988 left the station for young naturalists and began working with publishers specializing in science fiction.
Since 1991, I’ve only been engaged in painting and graphics. ”

An extraordinary, versatile and very good person, Lesha Mazur was a drunkard. Not an alcoholic, but a drunkard, in a good sense of the word. Maybe it felt like Sergey Yesenin, we were told about his addiction to alcohol at school.
Moreover, Alexei, he loved this position very much. He liked to stagger around the city, accompanied by a crowd of admirers and drinking buddies. He liked to run away from mom and Ira. He liked their custody and until the last day, he was a little son for mom and beloved, but very difficult husband for Ira. What kind of father he was, I can’t say. It was immediately clear that such a life is unlikely to last long, but I think that no one will argue that it will be bright.
Lesha's exhibition in the gallery "On Cozy", was a huge success, many works were bought, despite the fact that some "critics" did not consider Lesha a professional. The work was very peculiar and interesting. One of the first to visit the exhibition was our friend, Italian Enzo Esposito, shipping company partner. He bought several works of Lesha at once, leaving them on display until the end of the exhibition. Following him, a professor from Sweden appeared and simply begged, to persuade Enzo, to sell one of Alexey's already acquired paintings. But Enzo, of course, did not concede; at that time he was a real collector.
Lesha was unique. Before the start of the presentation of the exhibition in the Marine Gallery on Frantsuzskiy Boulevard, Lesha, going out for a smoke, met some photographer of the film studio, and having talked with him, he immediately got ready to shoot his paintings and take them to the film studio to take photos !! The photographer, who was in the same condition with Lesha, managed to persuade the force to persuade him to be alone. Each time I tried to talk with him and say that it was bad to lead such a way of life, that his relatives were suffering, that you should try to think about them ... But Alex did not try to change, which led to the loss of his family and other sad events. It all ended with a strange, stupid, incredible departure of Lesha from life. They say that he dived into the sea and broke his head on a rock.

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