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A public figure, human rights activist, pacifist, innovative artist, founded a new trend in contemporary art - “Russian Neo-Suprematism”. Born on August 7, 1958 in the city of Tolyatti (formerly Stavropol) in the Samara Region. SITE:

Higher education (technical, political, financial):

- 1980 - Togliatti Polytechnic Institute (now Togliatti State University) - Faculty of Electrical Engineering, electrical engineer.

- 1986 - University of Marxism-Leninism - economic department.

- 1996 - Moscow University of Consumer Cooperation - Faculty of "Finance and Credit", financier.

- Chief engineer of the Togliatti brick factory;

- Chief engineer of the construction and installation department of Togliattiazot JSC;

- Chief engineer of the brick factory of Togliattiazot JSC;

- General Director of a manufacturing and commercial enterprise

"Victoria Star", Togliatti;

- Chief Specialist of the Housing and Public Utilities Administration of the Central District of Tolyatti

- Director of MUE "Stavropol-on-Volga", Togliatti;

- Executive Director of OOO Intermet Togliatti.

- The chief manager of foreign trade activities in Russian and foreign (USA, Bulgaria) firms;

- Executive Director of the Bulgarian foreign trade company AITOL OOD.

- Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Togliatti Public Organization for the Protection of Motorists' Rights (registered with the Ministry of Justice in 1997);

- Assistant to the deputy of the City Duma of the city district of Togliatti;

- Member of the territorial election commission of the Central region of the city district of Togliatti, Samara region with a casting vote;

- Deputy Chairman of CBT No. 2 of the Komsomolsky District of the Togliatti City District.

- Deputy head of the Togliatti branch of the All-Russian public organization “Combat Brotherhood”;

- Leader of the Public Movement International Civil Initiative "For Peace on Planet Earth".

The Russian Neosuprematism trend arose spontaneously during the creation of artwork for the antiwar project Generations for Peace on Planet Earth, and was developed in collaboration with his son Roman, Russian amateur artist Sergei Babkov. It should immediately be noted that “Russian neo-Suprematism” is not one of the branches of Suprematism by Kazimir Malevich or abstract art by Vasily Kandinsky. “Russian Neosuprematism” is a completely new and independent trend in modern painting, which, unlike the mentioned directions, is based on the semantic load, and colors and figures play the role of tools to express a specific thought or description of a specific phenomenon, event.

Unlike Kazimir Malevich, who only after writing the picture voiced the thought embedded in the canvas, the authors of the paintings “To be or not to be” quite consciously used the repeated shape of the square and the three-color palette.

The Babkov Squares (as this series of paintings are often called in everyday life) already convey the excitement of the authors by their name “To be or not to be”, forcing us to ask the most pressing question that worries all of humanity today: “Can we survive in the era of global threats impending over humanity? And what is our purpose in this universe? ”
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