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born in 1990
Masha Ivanova was born in Leningrad in 1990. From the age of 5, she began to draw with G.N. Yakovtsova, from 12 years old - in the school № 2 at E. N. Karakozova. In 2007, she entered the Department of Easel and Book Graphics of St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University named after Stieglitz, where she studied under the direction of V.I. It’s clean. In the first year I got into the studio of the artist Andrei Vetrogonsky, the son of Vladimir Vetrogonsky. While studying in high school, she began working as an illustrator in the magazines “Bonfire”, “Grapes”, “Papin” and “Mother”. In 2013, she graduated with a diploma on the theme of “Christmas”, made in the technique of color engraving on cardboard. She worked on the murals of the temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in the village of Ushaki under the direction of G.N. Yakovtsova. At the same time I was engaged in teaching. In 2015, she joined the Union of Artists.
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