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Eduardіvna Kotenko

My name is Tatyana Kotenko, I am 24 years old. I am a professional artist. In 2018 she graduated from the faculty of decorative and applied art at the Lozovsky College of Culture and Arts. I started trying to draw at the age of fifteen and was so carried away that I did not have time to come to my senses, as I was already studying at school. There I studied drawing, painting, embroidery, both with threads and beads, as well as modeling on the wall and other types of decorative and applied art. Most of all during the training I liked oil painting. She impressed me with her beauty and diverse technique. It was as if I came to life when I started to paint my first picture, the colors on the canvas came to life with me. Most of all I like these genres: impressionism and lyrical abstractionism. Abstraction has become for me a kind of global impetus for writing real living painting. At the moment, I am painting pictures that reflect my internal state, my mood, my emotions.
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