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Sarah Iva

Belgrade, Serbia 
born in 1997 •
Born 7.7.1997. in Belgrade, Serbia.

2012. Graduated at School of design, fine art department
2016. Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, currently at the final year of bachelor studies, painting department
Belgrade, Serbia

April 2016. BEOCULIS exhibition at Mathematics High School, Belgrade
December 2016. Collective exh at Centre of Culture-Vracar
October 2016. Collective exhibition of digital graphics at Student Cultural Center
June 2017. annual exh
June 2018. Collective exhibition at Kvaka22 (Catch22), chosen works
June 2018. Annual exhibition of Fine Art Academy
May 2019. Collective exhsibition of drawings at Belgrade Youth Center
November 2018. Solo exhibition in the academy's hall
June 2019. Annual exh of FAA
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