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Mikhailovna Novikova

Born 12/12/1987 in Minsk. Lives and works in Moscow. She graduated from the State Academy of Slavic cultures with a degree in art and the Moscow Humanitarian and Technical Academy with a degree in design. The first solo exhibition "May Soul Like a Wild Hawk" (2002) was held in the museum of Maxim Bagdanovich. In her works, she raises themes of ecology and others. A participant in more than 40 exhibitions, including more than 20 solo exhibitions: Museum of Nature and Ecology "Earth is Our Home" (2002), Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature: "How
this world is wonderful "(2002)," Pioneer "Cinema 4 exhibitions:" Ecology and Man "(2002)," My Favorite Animals "(2003)," Vernissage "(2003)" Peace is for Our Home "(2004), Theater named after Yanka Kupala: "Black Real Estate" (2004), House of Friendship: "Norway - Northern Country" (2004), House of Literature: "Animal World" (2005), Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War: "Black Real Estate" (2005) , Church of St. Simon and Alena: "Black Real Estate" (2006), BSU: "Let's Save Birds, Animals, Land, Trees" (2005), BSPU: "They Need to Save" (2006), BSU: "Disappearing and Rare Animals "(2006), Museum of the History of Cinema:" They Must Not Disappear "(2006), State Academician Sakharov University of Ecology: "Black Real Estate (2006), library 199:" Animal World "(2010)," Tree of Life "(2011)", "Animal Kingdom" (2012), exhibition hall on Dorozhnaya: "They Need save "(2010), DC Krasnogorye:" On the brink of extinction "(2011), Exhibition Hall" Chertanovo "On the brink of extinction" (2010), etc.

Collective exhibitions 2019:
"Art okroshka" cafe on the street Academician Korolev 8;
"44 funny siskins" cafe on the street Academician Korolev 8;
"44 siskins: reboot" Tsti Factory;
"Self-portrait female version" wineglass Zyuzino;
"Self-portrait against the backdrop of reality" Zverev Center for Contemporary Art;
"Spectrum of snow" DK Gaydarovets;
"Microbiennale of Horizontal Initiatives" All-artist Gallery;
Christmas exhibition in Dk near Moscow.

2020 Exhibitions:
"From the earth to the sea and heaven"
Information and Cultural Center. A. Bely in Balashikha, microdistrict Zheleznodorozhny, Proletarskaya St. 8.;
Winter exhibition in DK Krasnogorie.
The works are in the collections of museums in Norway, Britain, etc.
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