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Petrovich Skorobogatov

born in 1937 •
Biographical data
Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Member of the Union of Marinists Labor Veteran, Veteran of Odessa Commercial Sea Port


Skorobogatov Svyatoslav Petrovich was born on January 22, 1937 in the family of a civil engineer. In childhood, he visited his father in the Pamirs, where he served as a father and the mountain theme was forever imprinted in the memory of the future artist. In his youth he was fond of mountaineering.
After serving in the Northern Fleet, he graduated from the Odessa Art College named after Grekov. He studied in the workshop of teachers D.M. Frumina, T.I. Egorova, Sokolov.
For over 46 years he worked as a leading artist at the Odessa Commercial Sea Port State Enterprise. Author of the Emblem-Logo of the Odessa Port, which is the flag of the port and is imprinted on all the attributes of the Odessa port.
After another solo exhibition in February 2003
years, 9 works of authorship were accepted as a gift by the Museum of the Odessa port named after De Volan for a permanent historical exhibition reflecting the industrial development of the port and the history of the Black Sea Fleet.
Author of personal creative collection of watercolor works
“Ancient Odessa”, for the first time, the collection was presented by the Treasure Island Gallery in 1999 at the Literary Museum. According to leading art historians, the collection is of undeniable historical and artistic value.
On November 14, 2013, part of the works from the “Ancient Odessa” collection was taken out by the directorate of the Odessa N. Roerich Odessa House-Museum to Israel, where S. Skorobogatov's personal exhibition “Nostalgic Breeze” was organized in the cities of Bat Yam and Haifa. At the request of the Ukrainian Cultural Center of the State of Israel, the exhibition was extended for several months.
In 2015, on the City Day, the author donated 26 works executed in the watercolor technique “Pushkin Odessa and Pushkin St. Petersburg” in memory of A.S. Pushkin's southern exile and his St. Petersburg period of life. These works are stored in the A.S. Memorial Museum Pushkin in a permanent exhibition.

18 works in different techniques were donated to the jubilee celebrations of the Odessa Museum of History and Local Lore for a permanent exhibition.
In 2016, 10 donated works adorned the walls of the N.K. Roerich's House-Museum.
52 works were donated by the artist to the branch of the Odessa Art Museum in Ananiev and are stored in the Historical Museum of Local Lore in Ananiev.
Directions in painting: urbanism, landscape, marine painting.
He is a follower of the traditions of the South Russian Classical School of Painting. Professionally knows the technique of watercolors, pastels, oils, and the author of numerous graphic works.
All solo exhibitions of S. Skorobogatov, and there are over 30 of them, always had positive feedback from the press, and reviews of art historians, museum workers and city intelligentsia. He is a regular participant in exhibitions held by the Union of Artists of Ukraine, the Union of Marinists of Ukraine.
At the request of the Association of Sailors-Submariners, the artist painted a portrait of the legendary Alexander Marinesko and donated to the Maritime School educating young officer cadres of Ukraine.
Author's works were acquired by the Art Museums of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Madame Nakamuro salons, many works are in private collections in Ukraine, America, Canada, Israel, Australia, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, Italy.

contact tel. 726-95-18
bp 809-622-872-95; 809-622-872-96

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