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Sergeevna Chekan

born in 1998 •
I’m Julia, I started drawing earlier than talking) I’m self-taught, and I think that it is not necessary for an artist to graduate from art schools to draw. The main thing is practice, a great desire and a little imagination) My works are not just pictures, but part of my soul, everything comes from the heart. And how great it is to make this world a little happier, giving people their work and seeing their smiles)
Previously, I did my work ONLY with simple pencils, then about 2 years I didn’t connect my life with art until one day, on a summer night, I had a dream ... that turned my life upside down ... that summer, I started with ordinary watercolors, moved on slowly gouache, and in September, orders were already pouring) now I paint with acrylic and I can not imagine my life without colors, without creativity)
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    Главное - практика, большое желание и немного воображения) Мои работы не просто картины, а часть моей души, все идет из сердца. И как здорово делать этот мир немного счастливей, даря людям свои работы и видя их улыбки)
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