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born in 1951 •
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1982. Participant of exhibitions: All-Union art exhibitions “Youth of the Country” (1982), “Earth and People” (1989), “Masters of Culture in the Struggle for Peace” (1986), Republican Exhibition “Youth of Russia” (1987), All-Russian Exhibition “ They defended the world, we will preserve the world ”(1985), the zonal exhibition“ The Socialist Urals ”(1985),“ The Golden Brush ”(1992),“ Art-Myth ”(1993), the Russian art exhibition (1993), the exhibition of Russian artists in Oman ( 1994), an exhibition of Russian artists in Seoul (South Korea, 1995), Art Fair (1996, 1998), “To Russia with Love” (1996), Art Salon (1997, 1998), an exhibition “Eur op'Art ”in Geneva (Switzerland, 2001), an exhibition at the Radison-Slavyanskaya Hotel (1998, 1999). Personal exhibitions: at the Moroz Gallery in Los Angeles (USA, 1992), at the Central House of Artists (Moscow, 1995, 1996), at the Euro-Art Gallery (1994), at Delovaya Moskva Bank (1998), at Moscow-Paris Bank (1999), in the Arte-Vita Style art gallery (2000). Works are in private collections in Russia, Italy, Turkey, Germany, South Korea, Finland, Japan, and the USA.
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    Художник Дмитрий Григорович родился на острове Сахалин, в г. Холмске. В 1978 году окончил Красноярское художественное училище имени В. И. Сурикова. С 1989 года - член Союза художников России. С 1980 года - участник краевых, республиканских и союзных выставок, а также выставок за рубежом: в Италии, Турции, Германии, Финляндии, Японии, США, Южной Кореи. Работы художника находятся в частных коллекциях России и за рубежом.
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