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born in 1970 •
Born in Kharkov, as if not to die right there. Since childhood, I admired art. Although it is strange, my parents are a pure working class, and they put it on art. And I kept thinking about the artists, that they are some Deities.
A little girl went to school with the hope that this was an art school, but it turned out to be a normal gymnasium with a mathematical bias. I met theater in the first grade, we also had a drawing circle there. I danced until the fifth grade. And thoughts about the artists did not leave me. I entered the children's art school No. 2 in the year 2014. I had a wonderful teacher, Koltun Vadim Isaakovich. This is my last year at an art school and our teachers have changed. Diploma. They tell me that I don’t fit their style. I am glad that I do not approach their childish frivolous, or maybe too pretentious, jokes. In 2017, I finish grade 11, entering the KhGADI for industrial design. I thought it was a rational and more correct choice. And on what the heart says shit. I thought, okay, I’ll finish, get my mind and strength and go to the artist. But from the first year I was expelled. I keep quiet from my family (not because they were against it, on the contrary, they always supported me. I just didn’t want to admit that I was expelled due to absenteeism, because I always dreamed of doing it exactly at KhGADI) I transferred to photography and visual practices. This is a new department and I knew about it, but for some reason Ignored it. This is the place I dreamed about. We study contemporary art, which has always touched me the most. Even fate so decided that I get to the budget. And so, and while we study, and I believe.
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