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Jean-Frederick Schall (March 14, 1752, Strasbourg - March 24, 1825, Paris) - French artist, a bright representative of the Rococo style. He worked on genre scenes and portraits; at the late stage of his work, he became interested in the image of mythology.

Features of creativity: The works were distinguished by a variety of themes and their focus - mythological and literary subjects, historical and everyday scenes. Being a favorite artist of high society, he often illustrated scenes sweet to the hearts of the aristocrats around: playful naked girls, holidays and entertaining games of the nobility, carnivals and acting, flirty flower girls and bathers. Many of the paintings were frank, relaxed and lusty, and made up the “Secret Museum” of the author. Nevertheless, the author’s canvases, their richly illustrated details of clothes, furniture and interiors of gallant scenes allowed descendants to form a fairly accurate idea of the life and customs of that time.

Famous works: "Morning toilet", "Exposure", "Young flower girl".

The artist was born and received primary education in Strasbourg. At the age of 20, he moved to Paris, where he quickly acquired numerous patrons among artists, sculptors and aristocrats. He enjoyed popularity in high society due to the generous use of nudity and very playful scenes of paintings. During the French Revolution, he quickly adapted to social changes and devoted his brush to relevant strict, patriotic topics, but at the end of the time of changes and upheavals he returned to “eternal” subjects. At the dawn of his life, he became interested in the depiction of mythological subjects, allowing to fully give free rein to the artist’s craving for the image of young naked nymphs.
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