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Artificial Paradise of Edgar Degas

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The works of the French artist-experimenter of the second half of the XIX century, pastel master Edgar Degas.

Edgar Degas. Blue Dancers
Blue Dancers
Edgar Degas
1898, 65×65 cm
Edgar Degas. The locker room ballerinas
The locker room ballerinas
Edgar Degas. At cafe Ambassador
At cafe Ambassador
Edgar Degas
1885, 90.6×88 cm
Edgar Degas. Madame Camus
Madame Camus
Edgar Degas
1870, 72.7×92.1 cm
Edgar Degas. Dancer bowing
Dancer bowing
Edgar Degas
1877, 67×38 cm
Edgar Degas. Four dancers
Four dancers
Edgar Degas
1899, 151.1×180.2 cm
Edgar Degas. Curtain
Edgar Degas
1880, 29×33.3 cm
Edgar Degas. Three ballerina
Three ballerina
Edgar Degas
1906, 82×58 cm
Edgar Degas. Scene ballet
Scene ballet
Edgar Degas. The choir
The choir


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