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Mikhailovich Katilov

Alexander Mikhailovich Katilov was born in 1943 in Stanitsa Rodnikovsky of the Krasnodar Territory, was brought up in orphanages. After graduating from a technical school, he worked as a supervisor of telephone and telegraph networks and facilities. He studied art on his own. Since 1974, he changed the work of a telephone operator to the profession of an artist-designer, worked in various institutions, including in the Nikolaev Production and Art Design Factory, where he was assigned the highest creative category.
Since 1979, he has been conducting active exhibition activities from the regional folk art association of amateur artists and masters of decorative and applied art "Pribuzhya", the Regional House of Folk Art and others. In the Nikolaev Regional Art Museum. V.V. Vereshchagin in 2005 solemnly opened a personal exhibition of Alexander Mikhailovich Katilov "City A. Katilov."
In 1981 he received the title of Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine. In 1987 he became a laureate of the 2nd All-Union Festival of Folk Art in Moscow. In 1990, he was admitted to the National Union of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine and became a freelance artist; he devoted all his time to his own art.
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