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Tel Aviv 
born in 1972 •
In my work I find particular interest in the essence of human nature. The figure and expression of a person form an indivisible whole with his / her inner world. The delicate nuances of the human nature cause inspiration and find their ways to the canvas or paper, regenerated in pictorial world.

Painting for me is always a playground, experimenting with colors, forms, materials and techniques in search of harmony, open to unforeseen results. Parting from initial real world I follow the painting's internal rules to achieve its harmony. Delicate and often time-consuming techniques of drawing, etching and oil painting of layers are the ones that best echo my nature.

I was born in 1972 in Vilnius, brought up in Russian and Jewish cultural environment. At the age of 21 I repatriated to Israel. Having received a BSc in Math and Computer Science I had worked as a Software developer for a decade until I decided to fully dedicate myself to artistic path.

I have acquired my artistic formation in the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, specializing in painting. I live and work in my studio in Tel Aviv. I have exhibited in Israel, Italy, UK and Germany.
+972 558822810
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