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Vitalyevich Doroshenko

born in 1961 •
Painter. Landscape painter. Master of still life. Born on August 9, 1961 in the city of Penza Russia. He graduated from the Penza Art College. K.A. Savitsky (1976-1980). Teachers I.M.Kulikov, E.S. Iodynis. And the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute (1984-1989), where he studied under S.M. Solodovnik, M.A. Shaposhnikov, A.V. Vyatkin, V.I. Kovtun. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine (NSHU). Since 1991 he has been teaching at the Kharkov State Art College. Since 1987, a participant in republican, all-union, international and all-Ukrainian exhibitions. The works are stored in museum and private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, China, and the USA.
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    Живописец. Пейзажист. Родился 1961 г. в г. Пенза Россия. Член Союза художников Украины (НСХУ).
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