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Vladimirovna Alekseychik
born in 1980 •

I live and work in the city of Gomel, Belarus.

I am engaged in two directions. Art photography and arts and crafts (embroidery)

I embroider a little less than 20 years. At the moment, I work with ornaments of the peoples of the world, in particular, I highlight the tree as an element of a floral ornament in ancient manuscripts and engravings.

In photography, I work mainly in the still life genre. I pay special attention to the color of objects. I try to combine harmonious minimalism and the story told.

I also work with textures and surfaces. I find beauty in weathered paint and rust. In the withering nature, in the geometry of architecture.

All my work, whether it be photography, drawing or embroidery, combines a love of the natural form, natural pure colors, geometry and minimalism.


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    фотограф, художник, мастер по вышивке
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