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born in 1964 •
He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Bratislava University in 1987. He taught drawing and painting at the faculty. Then, she currently teaches creative drawing and painting courses at the art school in Kosice, Slovakia. He participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions.
in 2010, he received 2 prizes, including one - the Grand Prix at the Golden Barrel cartoon contest in Prešov (Slovakia).
He is engaged in illustration of books, as well as his own, for example, the book "On the Little Red Riding Hood, which danced with wolves." This book has survived several editions in Slovakia, and plays have also been put on it.
Illustrated a book about the eastern practice of Zen, is fond of calligraphy and meditation.
Carries out installations, creates interior designs, takes orders for paintings.
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    Художник, архитектор, иллюстратор. Преподаватель живописи в художественной школе г. Кошице, Словакия. Участвовал в многочисленных выставках, проектах по иллюстрации книг, оформлениях интерьера. В настоящее время пробую новые способы самовыражения через живопись. Выставляю ранние и недавние работы.
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