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born in XX century

As everyone knows, in the 20th century, France was considered the center of creative people. Moreover, its capital - Paris, was the most active, busy life, a place. Then many talented artists who appeared “at the right time in the right place” were able to show their creative abilities, while being honored and respected. Of these talented artists was Edgar Shagin, who loved urban life - hectic and raging.

Edgar was attracted by circus performances, nightlife, vibrant streets, in short, what breathes life. He was a wonderful etcher and then captured everything that he saw outside the house. He has two favorite topics - beggars, who can see the whole history of their lives in tatters and in whose eyes, and a rich society of women who know how to present themselves by playing and charming the audience. Actresses of the Comedie Francaise — Louise Franz, Gemma, Lily, Zhorzhina and others — became his constant models. Their faces breathe youth, they are at the peak of their attractiveness and openly proud of it. The artist was able to convey all the charisma, ardor and beauty of these French women. In addition to them, Edgar also painted Italians. But they are not as cheerful as the French. They, wrapped in a shawl, confidently and proudly walk the streets, showing themselves with all dignity.

Edgar, as a skilled etcher, was able to give his works the lightness, airiness and all the beauty of European society. He turned the frivolity and carelessness of urban life into a graceful art.

Ruzan Lazaryan

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