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born in 1952 •
"In our time, it was believed that only art can be fictitious, different from the realism of reality.
This, as it were, guarantees originality, originality of creativity.
In fact, the vast majority of professional artists are very similar in their creativity to school, performing skills, the choice of topics
and most importantly by the method of thinking, and the so-called avant-garde layers are distinguished by the substitution of mastery of various kinds of technical tricks, twists,
textural-superficial refinements, disregard for the natural-unidentified beauty of the world, formal, at best, extremely primitive display of it.

Professor UralGAHA Kirillov Yu.Yu.

Talk about love in modern art, and everyone will turn around on you,
as an outdated eccentric profane.

Contemporary art is a matter of free imagination, technical skill and organized advertising.

Sentimental art has become obsolete; it was the age of shepherdesses and romantics.

Nowadays reigning and daring art reigns, with its "colorful spots", sound spices and effective breaks.

And a modern artist knows only two “emotions”:
envy, upon failure, and complacency, if successful.

Russian philosopher I.A. Ilyin, 1883 - 1954
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