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Vladimir Andreyevich Krasnopevtsev

Andreyevich Krasnopevtsev

born in 1946
Vladimir Andreyevich Krasnopevtsev was born in Moscow in 1946 in the family of a military man.
In 1971 he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Then two years of military service. He worked as an architect at design institutes in Moscow, Alushta, Yalta, Smolensk.
Since 1976 he worked in the workshops of the Art Fund as a designer. Then he began to professionally engage in painting. Member of many domestic and foreign exhibitions. Held more than 40 solo exhibitions in various cities of the Soviet Union.
Since 1988 - a member of the Crimean Partnership of Contemporary Art. He took part in a joint exhibition of the USSR-USA in Odessa, Art-Myth-2 in Moscow, etc.
Works are in museums in Lviv, Pyatigorsk, Kiev, in private collections and galleries in the USA, France, Greece, Japan, Finland, Germany, Poland, etc.
In winter, lives and works in the suburbs, the rest of the time - in Yalta.
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