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born in 1955 •
artist, art connoisseur
Biography and information
Valery Levchenko — was born in 1955 in the city of Kurganovka, Kemerovo region. Currently resides in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd region. Since childhood, he was fond of painting, but due to circumstances he received an engineering education, graduating from the Civil Engineering Institute in the city of Volgograd and graduate school in Moscow. He worked in engineering and managerial positions in his construction business. The author of several inventions in the field of transport. Passion for painting lasted a lifetime and finally in 2013 left the business and devoted himself completely to painting. The main topics were landscapes of Russia. Held several regional solo exhibitions. Currently, several hundred paintings have been painted. Some of them are in private collections, both in Russia and abroad.
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    Valery Levchenko. No. 153 The road through the forest
    Valery Levchenko. No. 177 The Wave in the Last Rays of the Sun
    Valery Levchenko. No. 180 Mist over the sea
    Valery Levchenko. No. 187 Golden Autumn
    Valery Levchenko. No. 197 August 31
      Valery Levchenko. No. 90 rocky beach
      Valery Levchenko. No. 106 The sea is worried
      Valery Levchenko. No. 109 Sea
      Valery Levchenko. No. 115 Quiet Bay
      Valery Levchenko. No. 152 Before a Thunderstorm
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