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Tatyana Larina
Rene Xavier
born in AD •
Biography and information
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Tatyana Larina
Tatyana Larina
added artworks to the selection For me
Tivadar Kostka Chontvari. Old fisherman
Frederic Leighton. Flaming june
John Collier. Lady Godiva
John Collier. Lilith
Joaquin Sorolla (Soroya). Strolling Along The Seashore
Peder Severin Kreyer. Summer evening on the southern beach of Skagen. Anna Anker and Marie krøyer
Hans Memling. Chalice Of Saint John The Theologian. Diptych of Saint John and Saint Veronica (the reverse side of the right wing)
Peter Brueghel The Younger. The tower of Babel. Fragment I
Pieter Bruegel The Elder. Twelve Dutch Proverbs
Wilhelm Kotarbinsky. Angel of sadness (angel of death)
Peter Brueghel The Younger. Winter landscape with returning hunters
Peter Brueghel The Younger. Calvary. Fragment. The crucifixion
William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Oread
Edward Hopper. The first row of the orchestra
Angela Jerich. Lady in Red
Angela Jerich. In a minor
Lucas Cranach the Elder. Princess Sibylla of Cleves in the bride's attire
John Everett Millais. The bride
Jill Elvgren. The bride
Fernando Botero. Girl (Velasquez)
Diego Maria Rivera. Mandrake
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Tatyana Larina
Tatyana Larina
added artworks Beryl Cook to the selection (no title)
Beryl Cook. Hollywood cafe
Beryl Cook. Ballet lovers
Beryl Cook. Striptease
Beryl Cook. Mom in the hammock
Beryl Cook. Sailors and their loved ones
Beryl Cook. Cruise
Beryl Cook. Rider
Beryl Cook. Black leather
Beryl Cook. Warthog
Beryl Cook. The fairy Queen
Beryl Cook. Saint Francis and the birds
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