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born in 1993 •
Biography and information
Matt O’Halloran was born in Torquay, Devon and attended Plymouth University studying Illustration. He enrolled one day purely by accident. He had finished his foundation degree in Art and design and unsure what to do with himself or what to do for money he then blindly signed up to a course at the University and the next thing he knew was studying illustration at Plymouth university. Graduation came and went skipping out on the graduation ceremony, a few years passed ad it was only when he was made abruptly redundant from his day job that Matt took to Illustration again and a chance encounter led to his first exhibition. Since then Matt has taken part in several exhibitions in the area being featured in galleries with Studio 102, Plymouth University, New blood, New designers and Artisan Gallery and taken part in online interviews with Artinspire, Nonsense society, Artistsinspireartists and Artsillustrated. He has also worked on Private commissions with individuals providing illustrations to accompany poetry or for the home and projects with local business' such as Apple and parrot, Hair Royale and South Devon College.
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Matthew O'Halloran. Animal
Matthew O'Halloran
29×42×1 cm
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Matthew O'Halloran. Innocence Lost
Innocence Lost
Matthew O'Halloran
42×29×1 cm
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42×29×1 cm
29×42×1 cm
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