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Ziyaddinovna Kurbanova
born in 1994 •
Biography and information
Born on August 18, 1994 in the city of Kovrov. In 2013, she entered the Nizhny Novgorod Institute. Lobachevsky.
In 2016 she graduated from the UNN them. Lobachevsky Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship, Department of Commerce (Commerce).
From 2018 to the present, I work in a construction company as a marketer.
The beginning of the creative path is 2019.

"Whoever wants nothing, hopes for nothing and fears nothing, he cannot be an artist." (V. Vysotsky).
A vocation artist. A passion for drawing led to vigorous activity, an artistic look helped to realize bold dreams and fantasies. Creator keen on jazz music and color. A dreamer embodying passion in realism.
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    Aida Ziyaddinovna Kurbanova. Fury
    Aida Ziyaddinovna Kurbanova. Face 4
    Aida Ziyaddinovna Kurbanova. African women
    Aida Ziyaddinovna Kurbanova. Artem
    Aida Ziyaddinovna Kurbanova. Jazz titans
    Aida Ziyaddinovna Kurbanova. Face 5
    3,500.00 ₽
    Face 5
    Aida Ziyaddinovna Kurbanova
    2019-2019, 120×80 cm
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    4,900.00 ₽
    2019, 50×40 cm
    18.08.2019, 120×80 cm
    September 2019, 120×80 cm
    February 2019, 70×60 cm
    2019, 50×30 cm
    2019, 60×50 cm
    June 2019, 80×70 cm
    July 2019, 80×70 cm
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