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Alexandrovna Belyakova
Saint Petersburg, Russia 
born in 1980
Biography and information
Belyakova Evgenia Alexandrovna was born in Omsk.
2001−2007 studies at the State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I. E. Repina St. Petersburg.
Member of the Union of Artists since 2011.

2001, November-December. Personal exhibition in Omsk, art salon "Perspective".
2001−2007 Participation in student exhibitions of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I.E. Repin. St. Petersburg.
2002, January. participation in the Christmas exhibition. Art Salon "Perspective". Omsk
2004−2007 Participation in the annual Autumn Exhibition of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg.
2007 exhibition-competition of young artists "Landmarks". St. Petersburg. Diploma for the work of "Thousand Minutes I".
2007, August. Personal exhibition "Nertis" in the cafe "Break", St. Petersburg.
2008 participation in the Christmas exhibition in the Manege, St. Petersburg .
2008 Autumn. Exhibition "Family" in Pavlovsk. St. Petersburg.
2008 Petersburg landscapes. city of Slates.
2009 Participation in the Christmas exhibition in the Manege, St. Petersburg .
2009 Spring. Participation in the exhibition "Hope". Union of Artists, St. Petersburg.
2009, February 14. One-day exhibition in the palace of Beloselsky-Belozersky. St. Petersburg.
2009, February 6. One-day exhibition in the art club "Cheshire Cat", St. Petersburg.
2009, February-March. exhibition in the cafe hall of the Leontief Center, St. Petersburg.
2009 From April 15 to May 15. Personal exhibition "Nertis-2" in the cultural and educational center "Agora", St. Petersburg.
2009 From August to December. Participation in the international exhibition project "Unity".
Exhibition "Line. Spot. Space". Picture Gallery of the Narva Museum, Narva, Estonia. Diploma.
2010 Spring. Participation in the exhibition "Hope". Union of Artists, St. Petersburg.
2010, participation in the artpreview competition, Moscow.
2010, December — 2011 January. Personal exhibition "Music of Summer" Gostiny Dvor, city of Kronshtadt, St. Petersburg.
2011, April-August. Exhibition "Around the Color". St. Petersburg, st. Galley 50.
since 2011, participation in the "Youth Exhibition" "Beginning" in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists on 64 Sverdlovka Embankment, St. Petersburg.
2011 Personal exhibition "some like it hot" in the club "Acacao", St. Petersburg.
2012 "Spring Salon — 2012". 20th Moscow traditional contest of women artists of Russia. Moscow, Central House of Artists. Winner’s diploma.
2013 "Spring Salon — 2013", International exhibition "Women in the Art of the Modern World", Moscow. Central House of Artists. Diploma for the work "French musicians in St. Petersburg."

February 2014 Personal exhibition. "Some like it hot -2". St. Petersburg.
2014 February-April. Participation in the international competition "Strabag artaward international". Austria Vienna.
2014−2015 exhibition "Winter 2014−2015. Peter. Not boring." Creative studio "you'r art", creative cluster of Artmuza, St. Petersburg.
2015 Exhibition "State of Winter". Creative cluster of art school. St. Petersburg.
2015 November. "Easy Flirt" is a personal exhibition in the art attic 4'33 Birzhevoy per. 4, St. Petersburg.
December 2015 — "Brevis" - personal exhibition in the library named after V. Mayakovsky, emb. Fontanka 46, St. Petersburg.
2016 April. "Spring Exhibition" in the Union of Artists. St. Petersburg.
December 3, 2016 — January 14, 2017 Solo exhibition "Portraits of Friends" Research Museum at the Russian Academy of Arts, A.I. Kuindzhi Museum-Apartment.
March 7-March 28, 2017 personal exhibition in the UNION of artists. "Portraits of friends-2"
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Evgenia Alexandrovna Belyakova. Blue still life with a teapot
Blue still life with a teapot
Evgenia Alexandrovna Belyakova
1995-1995, 50×60 cm
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Evgenia Alexandrovna Belyakova. Red still life with lemon
Red still life with lemon
Evgenia Alexandrovna Belyakova
1996-1996, 40×55 cm
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August 1996, 40×55 cm
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