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Ivanovich Elizarov
born in 1956 •
Biography and information
Born on June 24, 1956 in Moscow.
Draw began in kindergarten. In high school, I was already called an "artist" and was constantly attracted to the production of walls. newspapers.
But along the line of art I did not go to aviation.
In 1979 I graduated from MAI and received a diploma in design engineering. For several years he worked in the OKB. Yakovlev.
In 1982, I left the "big" aviation and went to the free swimming. Increasingly, he drew some plots, in pencil. At the age of 27 I decided to go to study again — to get an art education. But before that, for several months I visited the art studio at the recreation center ZIL, where I was taught classical drawing and watercolors. In 1984 I went to the preparatory courses at the Moscow Pedagogical Institute where I passed the entrance exams. The training was evening and I had to go to work on a future specialty, to a secondary school, a teacher of drawing and drawing. Combining work, study and creativity was difficult, but I coped with it. That was the year when a significant meeting took place with my Master in life and art, Boris Alekseevich Smirnov-Rusetsky. His work and worldview had a huge impact on me.
During the years 1984−93. I regularly, together with other members of our creative group (4−5 people), met at home, with Boris Alekseevich, where he spent with us conversations about life and art, pastel-painting workshops. It was during these years that I began the search for my own path in art, which continues to this day. In the period of study at the art-graphic faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical Institute (correspondence pedagogical institute), I completed a full course of study in classical drawing, a course of composition, and received a lot of practice in watercolor and oil painting. There were many trips to the open air (drawing nature from nature) to various regions of our country — Karelia, the North Caucasus (Dombay, Arkhyz), central Russia, Altai. In the late 80s I already had a fairly significant amount of my own pastels, took part in opening days and exhibitions. I graduated from the institute in 1989.
At the end of the thin-graph, the question arose of what to do next. I decided to leave pedagogy and go into "pure" art.
In 1990, I was accepted into the Moscow City Committee of Graphic Artists on Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28, and this marked the entry into the world of professional painting. I began to participate in group exhibitions and my work aroused the interest of the audience, began to be sold. In April 1991, in Moscow, there was a landmark exhibition "Artists of Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28, in the Manezh," where among the many works of 100 artists, there were exhibits and several of my landscapes in pastels. In the same period, I took part in several group exhibitions, the ideological inspirer of which was Boris Alekseevich Smirnov-Rusetsky. Gradually, I got fans and regular customers.
In 1992−93 There was a series of my solo exhibitions in Bulgaria. There were problems with the organizers and, as a result, I lost many of my works and did not earn a penny. Thanks to the Russian embassy, otherwise I would have been robbed there.
At the same time I joined the International Union of Artists and Graphic Artists, in the painting section. In 1991, I worked as an artist in the magazine "Technology Youth", preparing technical illustrations for articles. Then I first encountered a computer and printing business. Soon I received an invitation to work in a well-known V-art design studio, where I was able to learn the basics of computer graphics for a year. Then I began to take the first steps in computer graphic design. In 1995, there was my design studio ROLLAND. There were many orders, began to earn good money. Gradually, I completely abandoned painting and plunged into virtual space.
Many years have passed since then, filled with different hobbies, problems, travel, etc. I returned to the painting quite recently, in 2016. Again, I was drawn to the brush and crayons of pastels. He restored several of his old works and in the spring of 2017 he made one new one — "Venice. Grand Canal. In 2018, while in Krasnoyarsk, he wrote in oil a large polyptych, "Light of an Evening" (five pictures for a common plot). At the moment, full of creative plans and the desire to re-create and look for themselves in art.
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Sergey Ivanovich Elizarov. Altai. Dawn on Belukha
Altai. Dawn on Belukha
Sergey Ivanovich Elizarov
1991-1991, 80×120 cm
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    Sergey Ivanovich Elizarov. Mountain
    50,000.00 ₽
    Sergey Ivanovich Elizarov. Christmas mystery
    50,000.00 ₽
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    Sergey Ivanovich Elizarov. Mountain
    50,000.00 ₽
    1992, 80×60 cm
    Sergey Ivanovich Elizarov. Christmas mystery
    50,000.00 ₽
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    1992, 60×80 cm
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