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Vladimirovna Olenina
born in 1969 •
Biography and information
An artist is a person’s condition of being free from stereotypes and the ability to create one’s own vision. To paint a picture you need paints and some image techniques. If you find the right approach to expressing your creative energy, then the stream of accumulated emotions simply breaks out from inside. painting, the soul rises above life, ascends to some special height, where you feel endless. I, as an artist, living in this admiring supramundane state is ready to draw into this wonderful world everyone who once wanted to paint a picture and entrusted me with his desire. At first, I shared my experience with my friends, showed them how to draw a cool and quick picture, for example, a drop. Or landscape. Those who once grasped the brush felt this cosmic flow of possibilities in themselves, did not leave the painting. Already familiar acquaintances often come to me and I arrange already whole master classes where I show how to write any picture. We gather in a studio, in an office or in a restaurant, and I connect everyone to this process of climbing into the world of artists and creators of their own reality. I tell you how to mix colors, in what sequence to fill the canvas in plain simple language, like girls and boys, which I see in every person; as well as the manifestation of the divine, when I see how the artist wakes up in everyone.
My friends become artists and my students are friends. It happened to my now friends, who once met me at a master class, felt their creative energy and began to write on their own at home. Alevtina Dravin-cosmetologist from the day of our first lesson does not cease to create her surrealistic paintings and is already participating in an exhibition in Luxembourg, Vitalia Merman, a successful business woman, wrote her first picture under my leadership a year ago and now creates her own gallery in Moscow. Dmitry Belosokhov, the producer and owner of the Connect Film company, was surprised to find his talent in his first lesson, and now from time to time he is engaged in painting, as well as Marina Vernalis, the poet and now an artist who regularly exhibits at his poetry salons. We organize joint creative tours somewhere to beautiful places, for example, Provence for a week or to Prague to write wonderful views from nature. After all, when you already know how to paint a picture, you want to depict everything! We are also joined by people who have never painted before, and I always welcome such newbies, because they do not need to be retrained. In the near future we are going to sunny Sicily, where we will not just enjoy the views, food and wine, but also penetrate and reproduce our visions on canvas — to write live Italian landscapes. So join our tour, everyone who wants to travel with benefit and increased pleasure. Phone organizers
I invite to the world of painting everyone who wants to open his inner artist and if you feel it, I am always there. You can gather a company of your friends and invite me, you can come to my studio in New Riga individually or with someone, or find a suitable platform for a master class. I am always open for joint creativity and I will be happy to open the door for you to a new space, where you are the creator!
As Winston Churchill said, a politician who began painting at a mature age: It is already a great pleasure to just apply paint. It is pleasant to look at colors, but how pleasant it is to squeeze them out of a tube. Comparing them, no matter how rude it is, with what you see is a fascinating, absolutely absorbing action. Try it if you have never tried it before you die.
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