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born in 2001 •
Biography and information
Medina Bazargaliyeva ( — medina.

Date and place of birth: May 18, 2001. Almaty, Qazaqstan.

2017. AstanaArtFestival, curated by Yana Malinovskaya (Astana, Qazaqstan)
2017. "Act of Creation" exhibition of young artists Artbat Fest 8, curated by Vladislav Sludsky (Almaty, Qazaqstan)
2018. "Sexuality.waiting to upload", without a curator (Almaty, Qazaqstan)
2018. TedXAbayStWomen exhibition, curated by SUINBIKE (Almaty, Qazaqstan)
2018. "QWAS — Migrating dialogue" - bilocal transcultural exhibition (Zurich, Switzerland / Almaty, Qazaqstan)

2007−2018. English Cambridge School'18 (ILG105)
2019-present. HSE University, faculty of computer science, major: software engineering, minor: contemporary art. (Moscow, Russia)

Additional education:
2017−2018. School of Artistic Gesture from the Eurasian cultural alliance, Almaty, Qazaqstan.
2017. Workshop "Smartphone as a media art laboratory: 3D scanning and augmented reality" by the former Yes Men member Patrick Lichty and his lectures on tactical media in Almaty, Qazaqstan.
2018. Electronic engineering and robotics 9-week online seminar.
2018. Workshop "Analytical text for artist" by A.Fomenko.
2018. Seminar "Science art: artwork in an era of artificial intelligence" by new media artist Helena Nikonole
2018−2019. Self-ed: Computer science, deep machine learning, development of AR filters, creative coding and programming.
2019. Artist-in-residency, Astana Art Show — workshops with Helena Nikolone, ZIP art-group, Vasiliy Sumin

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