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born in 1966 •
Biography and information
Artist alyona Azernaya

Alyona Azerny was born in the city of Sverdlovsk, USSR.

In 1989 — graduated from the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute (now — the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art) specialty — architecture.

In 1999 — graduated from the Ural State University. A. M. Gorky, specialty — art history.

Since 1990, he has worked as an interior designer and painter.

Since 1996 devotes himself exclusively to painting.

In 1997 enters the Union of Artists of Russia.

The winner of the governor’s scholarship.

In 2000 she began to cooperate with Alexander Glezer, a Soviet dissident, collector, poet, publisher, and founder of the Museum of Modern Russian Art (New Jersey, USA), in the permanent collection of which since 2001 there are seven of her canvases.

In 2003 he lives in the International City of Arts (Paris).

Since 2000, doing numerous exhibitions in Russia, in the United States, in Italy in France.

Her paintings are kept in many museums and private collections in Russia, America and in Europe.

Alyona Azernaya works in the style of naive art.

In her dreamlike and allegorical paintings she describes her personal world, where Slavic mythology, traditional Russian folk tales and biblical motifs are mixed. It combines the style of naive art with the confident use of light, color and rhythm.

These deep and rich colors are similar to the nature that surrounds it and which inspired most of her paintings.

In the paintings of Alena Azerna, there is also often a color characteristic of the Russian traditional decoration of the peasant hut and in the Orthodox icons.
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