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Tatyana Vladimirovna Korchemkina
 Vladimirovna Korchemkina
born in 1974 artist
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Biography and information

My name is Tatiana Korchemkina. I am an artist, designer and photographer.
She graduated from the University of Printing in 1999. Since then I have been working with creative agencies,
publishing houses and the Internet on this year.
My customers: Rosman, Olma Press, Enlightenment, CLEVER, Machaon and others.
My main technique is mostly digital illustration by hand.
The main projects are children’s illustration,
advertising and packaging. Also make photos to order.
I travel a lot, almost never worked in an office. I always work from home.
If you have questions about finding a job, using pictures or anything else,
be sure to contact me. I will always be happy to help.
For cooperation, write or contact the following contacts:
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