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Biography and information
A. Wurt is a young artisan, a modern selfmade artist, whose canvas can be any object of the surrounding reality

Even in his youth, Alexey was attracted by a graffiti movement: after he and his friends began to express their creative impulses on the streets, they paid attention to their works and invited to participate in several art projects as part of improving the appearance of their native city of Yaroslavl.

At the same time, the excitement of the first independent earnings brought the artist to the auto repair shop, where his father worked. There, for the first time, an airbrush fell into his hands — a tool that hooked Alexei so much that he stubbornly perfected the technique of working with him.

A.Wurt drew inspiration everywhere and worked, absolutely not caring about the lack of a diploma in art education. He developed his own style, his own special technique — his works became recognizable in his hometown and beyond.

Some projects were surprisingly large, others were delicate details, but each had its own unique handwriting.

In 2005, his ability to transform space was first realized in the G-lab project — the city bar, which became the place for creating bright creative collaborations. Later this project was transformed into a series of high-profile hip-hop parties, the organizer and artist of which was Alexei himself and his associates.

In 2007, not without the help of A. Wurt, new projects emerged, known and popular among the Yaroslavl public: the 'Long Bar' and 'Paparazzi' establishments, as well as the special project of 2010 — the 'Paparazzi' beach, where Aleksey acted not only as a designer, but also tried himself as an art director.

The projects turned out to be successful and memorable: a bright visual style, a creative approach to the organization of parties and a unique friendly atmosphere merged into one.

At the same time, Alexey became interested in the field of marketing and graphic design opportunities: with his participation, the corporate style and brand book of the Sushnaya cafe network, as well as the clothing brand for hockey players 'Markwear', were developed.
Realization of oneself as a contemporary artist during this period faded into the background.

A talented person is talented in everything, but Alexei constantly had an internal demand for development in any one direction. Friends have always singled out his special perception of reality: the ability to draw inspiration from the outside world and translate flashes of thoughts and shades of feelings into unique projects, objects of art.

After a long search for himself, A. Wurt decided that he wanted to develop precisely as an artist. A. Wurt got a job as a colorist at a car-care center and began to hone the skills of airbrushing with double the power.

Soon in the Internet space, he came across the post of Aleksander Struchalin (a famous Russian airbrush artist) who was looking for an assistant for a new large project, A. Wurt responded to the vacancy, and a month later he arrived in Moscow. So began his year-long training. Aleksander Struchalin became a mentor and teacher of the artist, helped expand the perception of the boundaries of airbrushing.

Back in Yaroslavl, Alexey began working with hockey helmets, first for young players, and then for established stars of Russian hockey clubs such as Vitaly Kolesnik (Lokomotiv), Emil Garipov (Ak Bars), Konstantin Barulin (Avtomobilist). In the hands of A. Wurt, each helmet acquired its own special character to match its owner.

Several brewing companies (CJSC Moscow Brewing Company, SWAM Group) proposed A. Wurt to make a series of beer towers in the style of their brands. Orders were also received from some bars and restaurants in Moscow, Ivanovo, Kemerovo and Yaroslavl.

In 2018, Alexey, together with a like-minded person working in the street art style, created a studio school: here they organized a space for learning, working and creating young talents and accomplished masters.

In this art space, artists got the opportunity to learn from each other’s unique experience, exchange ideas, create new joint projects.

Today A. Wurt dreams that in the future the studio will grow into an association of young artists, original artisans and creative people of the city.

A.Wurt is a young artisan, a modern selfmade artist.

It was a the city of Yaroslavl.
Where his father worked! There, for an airbrush tool, came to the hands of Alexey, who loved it so much!
Not a diploma in art education! His own special technique — his work became recognizable in his hometown and beyond!
Some projects were shocked in scale, others were in their own signature!
In 2005, his ability to transform space was first realized in the G-Lab-urban bar. This project was transformed into the parties.
In 2007 public projects appeared on: Long Bar, bar "Paparazzi", in 2010 "Paparazzi" beach, where A. Wurt acted out! Designed to create a uniquely friendly atmosphere!
He added that he would like to take a look at the label.
Realization of a modern artist during a period of time faded into the background.
It is a talented person. You must always be able to get a little more out of it.
He was looking for a little bit more than himself.
A.Wurt for a couple of shocks!
It was a Moscow time when he was in Moscow! He was a trainer of airbrushing!
He was one of the Russian hockey clubs — such as Emil Garipov (Ak Bars), Vitali Kolesnik (Lokomotiv), Konstantin Barulin (Avtomobilist). In A. Wurt's hands.
Several brewing companies (CJSC Moscow Brewing Company, SWAM Group) were made. There were also orders coming from some bars and restaurants in Moscow, Ivanovo, Kemerovo and Yaroslavl.
In 2018, he created a studio, where he worked out.
There were no projects and you have been realized!
A.Wurt dreams, original artisans and creative people of Yaroslavl, working in various directions.
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