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born in 1982 •
Biography and information
Born in December 1982 in the city of Tula. The story about yourself requires a format, so I will omit the details of early childhood, although I consider them more interesting than the one described below.

Formed at the age of 7 … 14 years (1990−1997) in the club of the young technician, the desire to devote free time to handicrafts, arts and their synthesis appeared in macrame classes, making toys and ornaments from improvised material, burning, molding, etc. After the club was shut down and bulldozed into a lawn, in 1998 I started studying at the ETC "ATLANT-INFORM", in 2000 I finished and received a certificate of training in the profession "Graphics and Design", but life circumstances forced me to be creative for a long time outside of art.

Since 2010, once again began to devote time to creativity in art, studying the history of Russian and world avant-garde. I was looking for regular meetings and communication with interesting, creative personalities:

Often traveled to the village of Peski (Moscow region) to Vladimir Tryamkin from whom I learned a lot, both about his work in art and about the history of Russian Avant-garde and the underground. Tryamkin is a nonconformist artist and thanks to him I learned about the Stalinist repressions of 1937 and about the "creative intelligentsia" opposed to the fools existing among the Soviet authorities, as well as about new names and styles in art, about the philosophical systems of Russia, India and China about esoterics and spirituality.

In 2012−2013, he met Julian Aronov and often visited him in Moscow, met in Tula. From Julian I learned a lot about the Sufi school, about writers and philosophers of the East, about ancient ornaments and about hand-made carpets.

In November 2013, I was introduced to the only artist in Tula, whose works were purchased by the Tretyakov Gallery. The artist’s name is Engel Iskhakov and from November 2013 to December 2014 I spent all my time with him in the studio, at home I carried out his instructions. Every day, except Sunday, it was 6 hours with him and the remaining free time — I thoroughly studied Biographies and works of world avant-garde artists from the beginning and the middle of the 20th century and those with whom they communicated. He did not leave world celebrities in the fine art of the XX—XXI centuries without his close attention. Being first an apprentice, and then an independent artist in the workshop of Engel Iskhakov, I studied: installation, performance, intuitive sculpture, architectural prototyping, coloristics, documentary graphics, … On the advice of loved ones, I began to develop my own direction. 17 1×1 meter paintings created together with Engel Iskhakov were destroyed — they are currently being restored in stages.

At the moment, it is difficult to enumerate those who have had the strongest influence on me, the more influence — the action that allows us to change, develop or degrade, it is constantly and weakly subject to the will of the individual.

All of the above allowed me to create my own style based on the foundation of the best representatives of pictorial art.
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