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Vladimirovich Korkin

born in 1941
Vladimir Vladimirovich Korkin was born on November 10, 1941 in the village of Lopatino, Penza Region, and graduated from the Saratov Art School in 1968. Exhibitions: an exhibition of young artists from the Volga region (Saratov, 1973), an exhibition in the editorial board of the magazine Smena (Moscow, 1975), personal exhibition at the NG Museum-Estate Chernyshevsky (Saratov, 1986), personal exhibition in the House of Youth (Saratov, 1990), personal exhibition in the Museum of Local Lore (Engels, 1995).
“My work is the search for the path to the light of God,” says Vladimir Korkin.
Suprematism, which, according to the artist, helped him to realize the structural foundations of the world, to look behind the curtain of the external, visible, became a kind of push, a springboard to create his own figurative and plastic system.
It is important for V. Korkin to capture not the external features of the world, but the moment when the world comes in contact with the human soul, what the artist calls the “relationship of soul and reality”. He is characterized by the desire to convey on the canvas not only what the eye sees, but also what a person perceives by other senses - smells, noise, heat, air movement. Korkin's works are a grateful acceptance of the world, admiring admiration, which the artist generously shares with the audience.
Living for several months a year in his native village of Lopatino of the Penza region, Korkin knows and feels nature, knows how to see in her the soul that excites beauty, mysteriousness, which is sometimes perceived as a good bright fairy tale.
The works of the philosophical and religious cycle is one of the constant directions of Korkin's creativity. The works of this cycle are very modern in their attempt to reconcile, at first glance, the irreconcilable (both in the field of form and in the field of spirit), to extract harmony from the confusion of our life and the confusion of our feelings.
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