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Rustamovna Glimyanova
born in 1993
Biography and information
Glimyanova Alina Roussel (maiden name Glimyanova Alina Rustamovna) was born on January 6, 1993 in the city of Ufa. She was brought up in an average family. Relatives had no relation to creativity. The creative biography of Alina Roussel began at the age of three: the grandfather Amir Sibogatov sent the girl to the local art school, where the artist received her first diploma in seven years about completing the painting course. As a teenager, Alina R. continued her studies at Children’s Art School No. 2, perfecting the skills of watercolor painting, studying the construction of simple figures, learning new directions in art, such as sculpture and decorative art. Only at the age of sixteen Alina R. decided to study the directions: impressionism, post-impressionism and academicism. At that time, she had not yet tied her future in art. After the Ufa Art School, many mentors offered to continue to develop in architecture, then it seemed to be a profitable business, but the artist chooses the Ufa Academy of Arts and studies by correspondence at BSPU for a social psychologist, and after a year he enters the same way in absentia for the Designer in Moscow, Moscow Institute design and business, graduates with honors.

While studying at the School of Arts with the master Ignatenko S.N. Union of the Russian Federation, creates a youth movement in 2010, "Art — projector" starting from the predilection of young people for thematic photo sessions. She managed to gather more than 106 people (beginner models, photographers, makeup artists, artists) and to open the first joint photo-painting exhibitions "The Look" 2010. "Many photographers and models are now earning their creativity and from scratch with someone they have become," says Alina R. herself. After a good start, the artist opens her first solo exhibitions: 2011 / "Solstice" Ufa, "Your Eyes" Ufa, "City in which we live "Ufa. 2012 / "Stress" Ufa, "Impro Collection" Essen, "Impro Collection" Essen (2013), "Impro Collection" St-Petersburg. 2014 / "You're not me" Ufa, "Landscapes" Ufa, "Landscapes" Sochi, "Self-portrait" St. Petersburg. From 2015 to 2018 / Joint two central youth exhibitions, joint exhibitions BUDART in India, Indonesia, Almaty (the exhibition travels to this day).

While studying at the Academy of Arts, the artist enters into the union of young Wanderers. Organizes charity exhibitions with the organization "ART-Luch". Alina R.'s paintings were selected in many galleries of Moscow. She worked as a teacher in the Bogema art school on Izmailova, Moscow. Children’s Institute of Arts on Chudinova, Ufa. The founder of the art workshop at Aksakov named after GRA (Glimyanova Rustamovna Alina) (now director Regina Rudokova) is the city of Ufa.

After graduation, the artist is inspired by the new direction of Art Nouveau (Modern) and is intensively updating the palette, discovering the direction of the "soul". In 2017, she creates an author’s program, according to which anyone can become an artist, without going all the long way, leaving the foundation and "after the foundation" in it, practicing on new clothes and wanting with the main base of the painter. The online school Roussel. online was opened on this basis. Glymyanova Alina in 2015 suffers a crisis in her life and gives all her strength to learning her students. In 2018, after suffering a crisis, "breaks his hands" and prefers realism in painting.
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About me
Во время обучения в училище у мастера союза РФ, создаёт молодежное движение в 2010 году "Art - projector" отталкиваясь от пристрастия молодежи  к тематическим фотосессиям. Ей удалось собрать более 106 человек ( начинающие модели, фотографы, визажисты, художники) и открыть первые совместные фото-живописные выставки "Взгляд" 2010 год. "Многие фотографы и модели сейчас зарабатывают творчеством и с нуля вместе с нами кем-то стали" говорит сама Алина Р. После хорошего старта, художник открывает первые свои персональные выставки: 2011/"Солнцеворот" Уфа, "Твоими глазами" Уфа, "Город в котором живем" Уфа. 2012/ "Стресс" Уфа, "Коллекция Импро" Essen, "Коллекция Импро" Essen (2013), "Коллекция Импро" СПБ. 2014/ "Ты не я" Уфа, "Пейзажи" Уфа, "Пейзажи" Сочи, "Автопортрет" СПБ. С 2015- 2018/ Совместные две центральные молодежные выставки, совместные выставки BUDART в Индии, Индонезия, Алматы (путешествует выставка по сей день). 

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