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Andreevna Belyaevskaya
born in 1992 •

Belyaevskaya (Kolesnikova) Kristina Andreevna was born on September 12, 1992 in a small warm city - Rostov-on-Don.
From an early age she had a craving for visual arts, like many children, her initiatives were on the walls of the house. The first canvas was wallpaper!

Even in elementary school, the parents noticed the potential in the girl, her drawings were increasingly three-dimensional or otherwise - voluminous, and by all means determined to develop artistic abilities, they identified her into the Grammar School with the artistic bias MOU Secondary School Grammar School 35. There, Christina familiarized herself with the subtleties of painting, graphics, composition, architecture, and drawing drawing. Receiving more and more information and practice she showed a good result, but laziness impeded a lot. The girl herself always knew that laziness was pulling her back and struggling to cope with her shortcoming. Over the years, the hand was stuffed, what previously seemed impossible - later it became quite simple!

Mother's support played a very important role, she always provided the necessary materials for the development of artistic skills, repeatedly posed and, of course, provided various trips to the open-air.
It is also known that when graduating from an art gymnasium - Christina’s graduation work was a tapestry, handmade, measuring 1.5x1.8 meters. In the end, her mother, Akimova (Kutyrina) Svetlana Anatolyevna, helped her.

Later, her husband, Alexander Sergeevich Belyaevsky, becomes the chief assistant and critic. Giving practical advice, serious criticism, helps to grow and develop in creativity to this day. One of the paintings, which was represented under the name WhiteChris, was painted by Alexander, it was a watercolor work of a cat woman from the eponymous story "Spider-Man".

Upon completion of the art gymnasium in 2010, Christina enters the Academy of Architecture and Arts.
(YuFU AarhI) to the department - Design (Artistic Designing Costume). At the end of the first year, she leaves the institute, explaining that she is not able to “stamp” images that do not always find inspiration and increasingly destroy her love for art.

Repenting of such a decision, for a long time does not dare to recover in the institute. However, in 2014. being restored to the institute, to the department - Teacher of Fine Arts, full of determination to finish the job started!
He meets a number of very talented artists-colleagues, learns a lot from them. Absorbing theory and practice, greatly improves their skills.

In 2012, presents his first works for sale. Implements them in the store "I WANT". Small watercolor sketches quickly find their owners, which gives an incentive to the subsequent drawings that were presented in the store I WANT.

However, later, having learned such a wonderful material as oil, the artist presents a number of decent canvases that look serious and serious, despite the fact that the plot is super heroes.
From 2012 to the present moment closely cooperates with this store.
For a long time, he is the only representative of the work of Christina Andreevna, who in turn took the pseudonym WhiteChris.

In 2016, the Salon of Decorative Plasters - ATA-Decor, offers to collaborate and exhibit, in order to sell, paintings in various genres. More often it was still lifes and landscapes. Unfortunately, this cooperation was not long due to the closure of this salon.

In 2019 Art school named after Chinenov accepts Belyaevskaya Kristina Andreevna, as a trainee, for a period of two weeks. After the successful completion of the practice, Christina Andreevna, being in good standing at the headmaster himself - Nesterov Yu.N. repeatedly invited to conduct lessons, in private, with students of the school.

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