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Boris Tkhanovich Tsoi
 Tkhanovich Tsoi
Russia born in 1957 artist
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Biography and information
Boris Tkhanovich Tsoi was born in 1957, in the Tashkent region, a philologist by training. Before receiving philological education, he graduated from art school in Tashkent.
When he moved to the Primorsky Territory, he became acquainted with the work of artists from Korea — the North Koreans brought as a gift to the Primorye unusual paintings made in the technique of the painting ("stone palette"). In the 70s of the last century, he invented this technique, Xing Bon Hwa, he replaced the paints with minerals that were crushed to certain fractions. Translated from the Korean "posokhva" - grated stone.
Boris Tsoi entered the Art Academy of North Korea and became the first Russian to master this unique technique.
His talent was recognized even in Korea — evidence of that is the DPRK gold medal, and Boris Tkhanovich’s works are exhibited in Pyongyang’s art gallery.
Paintings, made in the technique of "posokhva" are almost eternal, they do not require restoration, since the stone, unlike paints, retains its properties indefinitely. The artist uses more than fifty types of stones — amethyst, aquamarine, agate, lapis lazuli, malachite, carnelian, jasper and others.
Also, Boris creates paintings in the mannenhwa mosaic technique, where the plot is composed of small pieces of pearl shells.
He works in the traditional technique of oil painting. His luxurious oil paintings convey the mood and richness of the surrounding world.
Boris Tsoi has many diplomas and awards received both abroad and in Russia. Over the entire period of his work, the artist’s paintings have visited exhibitions in different cities of Russia, his work adorns the temples of the Far East, and the Annunciation Gates of the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Monastery are decorated with the icon of Boris Tkhanovich "Holy Trinity".
His last project is the design of Russian combat aircraft of a new generation, which fly with the face of Archangel Michael.

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About me
Художник, член Союза художников России, член Географического общества. В совершенстве владеет традиционной корейской техникой посохква - каменная палитра. Участвовал в проекте «Лучшие работы России» в разделе прикладной живописи. Имеет множество дипломов и наград, полученных как за рубежом, так и в России. Икона «Адмирал Ушаков» работы Бориса Тхяновича 5 января 2014 с благословения владыки Вениамина ушла в кругосветное путешествие на паруснике «Надежда». Благовещенские ворота Свято-Троицкой Александро-Невской лавры украшены работой Бориса Тхяновича «Святая Троица».
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Boris Tkhanovich Tsoi. Kazan Mother of God
95 000 ₽
Kazan Mother of God
Boris Tkhanovich Tsoi
54×38 cm
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Boris Tkhanovich Tsoi. Spring still life
Boris Tkhanovich Tsoi. Nicholas the Wonderworker
95 000 ₽
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