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Tang Yin

Tang Yin


Tang Yin, Bo Hu, Tzu-Wei (alias - Lu-Ju Ju-Shih), Chinese painter, calligrapher, poet. From a wealthy merchant family, received an excellent education. Before exams in Beijing was accused of dishonesty (he and a friend bribed a servant of one of the examiners to learn the content of the questions), returned home and gave up my career. His life became the subject of popular stories. Author of landscapes, scenes of home and court life. In the landscape followed the tradition of Li tan, in the genres of "people" and "flowers-birds" worked in bright polychrome colours in the manner of "the careful brush" ("Gong-bi"). Among the works - "the silk fan in the jets of the autumn wind" (Stedelijk Museum, Shanghai), "Rural work in the South of China" (the Palace Museum, Beijing).

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