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Faridovna Mlyukova
born in AD •
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In a store, a young woman bought a drawing-book with a bright glossy cover. She gave it to a child sitting in a baby stroller. The kid happily grabbed the album and began to tap on it with a finger. The picture didn't change! The  puzzled child turned the book around in the hands to look for buttons and handed that strange “device” to the mother, saying: "Mom! How?" "No, no! This is not a…
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Французское государство отказалось от приобретения полотна с противоречивой атрибуцией, найденного на чердаке.

Zulfiya Mlyukova
, January 15 02:34 AM 0
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Ничего общего с работами Караваджо, на мой взгляд, нет в этой картине. Грубое подражательство.
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