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Юрьевич Валюк
born in 1991 •
artist, collector, art dealer, gallery owner
Biography and information
Artist Yevgeny Valyuk was born in Odessa in 1991. Works with kinetic art, collage, painting, sculpture and installation, also takes part in performances and actions creation and participation. Winner of Third Ukranian art battle. Since 2016 participant of the creative association "Hlebzawod" (HZ). As part of which many projects were implemented. Selected projects: "Sweet Sergey" Garage, Kiev (2015), I and II "All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Abstract Painting" Central Artist House, Kiev (2015 and 2017), " Moveable-unmovable " and "Grand Portrait" White World Gallery, Kiev (2018), "Battle of sense project or power adress" Kontractova sub, Kiev (2018), "Presentation of Mixtape Hooke" Rybalskiy Bridge, Kiev (2018), "Promotion Sobranie. Russian Black" action with Ute Kilter, Kuyalnitsky Liman (2018) Odessa, "Caution! The next stop is Hills" action, Lukianivska st, Kiev (2018), "Mayonnaise in cosmetology and non-traditional medicine", Kiev (2018), "Srach Art Project", "Infantilismus", " Home exhibition HZ where ", and "Hlebizawod Art Prize", CAC "Hlebzawod" Kyiv. Lives and works in Kiev.
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2019, 16×16×10 cm
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