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Alexandrovich Ovsyannikov

born in 1947 •
My biography can be very long and tiring of many. I'll be brief.
Born in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. For 20 years he was engaged in scientific activities (candidate of architecture) in the field of history and sociology of housing, environmental psychology, etc. He had more than 50 scientific papers and fame in many countries.
With the collapse of science, I had to deal with the real estate market (appraisal, analytics, sales).
In recent years, he lived alternately in Russia and the United States. Seriously took up painting in 2015. Since then, he has completed more than 200 works in acrylic and watercolors. He won several online contests in the USA. Returning to Russia in 2017, he participated in several exhibitions, had a personal exhibition in Moscow.
My works are bought in the USA, France, Denmark, Ukraine, Israel, Russia.

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