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I was born in Central Asia in 1957 in the village of Almazar, immersed in apple orchards and vineyards. The first acquaintance with painting took place at about eight years old in the attic of my own house, when I found several icons in the deposits of old things that had been removed, as it turned out to be my great-grandfather from Ukraine, when the family, fleeing from hunger, in search of a better share moved to Tashkent - bread. " Wiping the dust from the faces, I was amazed and found myself in captivity of painting, in captivity, it seems to me, indefinite.

In 1977, after serving in the Army, on a Komsomol trip, he arrived in Moscow for the construction of Olympic Facilities. In the same year he entered the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (now the Moscow State Academy of Printing). Since 1981, work in the printing house of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, first as a process engineer, then as chief engineer.

In 1987 he wrote his first oil painting, a few more works. Then came a long creative break for more than 30 years, during which art exhibitions and museums were visited with pleasure.

At the age of more than 50 years, he again took up canvas and brushes and began to write, based on his ideas about painting. In parallel with the painting, independently mastered the process of making stained glass using Tiffany technique.

In 2012, for the first time he took part in a collective exhibition of painting with a series of portraits. In the same year he was accepted into the creative association of the Moscow region artists "Renaissance".

Since 2015 - member of the International Art Fund.

Since 2017 - member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.
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