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Alexandrovich Bogatov

Ivanovskaya Oblast' 
born in 1973 •
artist, collector
BOGATOV ILYA ALEKSANDROVICH was born in 1973. In the city of Rostov-on-Don, in the family of workers of the Union of State Circus. In 2005 he graduated from the picturesque and pedagogical department of the Ivanovo Art School of. M.Malyutina.S 2002 is a regular participant in exhibitions at various levels, including all-Russian and international. He was awarded the diploma of the Union of Artists of Russia "For success in creativity and the promotion of the development of the fine arts of Russia." Golden badge of the laureate and Honorary Diploma for mastery in the fine arts "(Cultural Heritage Foundation). The silver medal "For skill and the creation of an original style in painting". (Fund "Cultural Heritage"). Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, member of the International Association of Fine Arts-AIAP UNESCO. In addition to creative activities involved in teaching. Together with his wife Olga bring up three sons and two daughters.


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