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Semantic hallucinations

Photography, 2018

Description of the artwork «Semantic hallucinations»

Modern art in search of new meanings and images.
The 20th century was the century of acceleration. The century of scientific and technological revolution (Scientific-Technical-Revolution).
But there was a loss of human appearance - “derailment” in the opinion of the poet Joseph Brodsky
The new project “People-Vegetables or Semantic Hallucinations of Pumpkinheads” became the ideological and stylistic continuation of our past images: “people in cages” and “eggheads on the conveyor of time”.
Driving along the Kuldzhinsk highway *, you can always see people selling vegetables on the side of the road. It seems to me that they are the essence of the earth, and not the intellectual elite, although in the time stream their images are anonymous and erased from the face of the earth ...
They stand against the background of their vegetable berries: watermelons, melons, pumpkins and other crops. Their anonymity for the story is unequivocal. It is akin to the anonymity of these fruits, which are born and die in our wombs. Just like our fleeting life, which is born and disappears in the womb of time. For him, we are all one.
The phenomenon of culture makes it possible to acquire meanings, to grasp identities, to find creative motives in order to try to humanize the technocratic society of people who have long been turned into automata.
Pumpkin, watermelon and melon, as you know - relatives. Their ancestral homeland is Central America and Africa *, which theoretically is the ancestral home of all mankind ... Thus, they are the rallying point for us as earthlings.
This vision is another revelation from the Most High.
People, pumpkins, watermelons, melons and other animals are born from the same mother of the earth. They are born and die. And the act of Birth - the Growth of Death, like the ring of Samsara ...

* Almaty suburban route
* Academician N. I. Vavilov, on the basis of his large-scale expeditionary botanical and geographical study of the diversity of cultivated plants, established centers of origin of vegetable crops. According to this study, three types of pumpkin — solid, nutmeg and fig leaves — are of Central American origin — the countries of Central America, including southern Mexico. As for pumpkin large-fruited, it has andean roots, was born in the highlands of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador. It is also known that in 1926, in North Africa, an expedition led by Vavilov discovered a small-growing wild pumpkin. By the way, watermelon is of African origin.
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About the artwork

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Art form: Photography

Date of creation: 2018

Artwork in selections: 1 selection