Тема в Артхиве
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9 статей  •  3 теста
2016, 80×3×100 см

Описание картины «The Quakersh»

The Serie "Infinit of 12" inspired by the complexity of the rituals iconic and mystical in which we emerged and absorbed by Sacred Geometry and whispers of the universe, emerges as the previous series "The cult of the 7". The theme It comes as a new approach and a deepening all levels: spiritual, mental, psychic, mystical, numerological, social, physical, cultural, etc.
Originating in spirituality, where we find the most reference to "12", serving as inspiration for the theme, comprising various religious, social and ethnic cultures, each with transcendental archetypes standards from the basic behaviour to the level of
supreme consciousness shared, which is embedded in the symbology in knowledge, values or on the accumulated experience to throughout the world and universal evolution, to the longest path of life where we seek various means, ways, forms, times, entities, perfection, evolution, etc ... All this is just a small microcosmic universe trying to reach the macrocosm! ... to watch over and contemplate the Wisdom Universal or demand dentification with the Absolute.
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