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Sunflowers again

Painting, 1995, 65×55 cm

Description of the artwork «Sunflowers again»

Once the artist Van Gogh
Prodron on a bad weather,
Absinthe could not warm up ...
He would be a simple Russian vodka!

Heat. The brains are melted to the state of semi-boiling. I sit, lounging under a canopy, and drink mineral water - I don't want anything more.
Sluggish look slowly moves through the garden. Palm trees, flowering trees, grape thickets, various types of cacti, etc., names and species unknown to me. I notice some small point in front of the pomegranate flower, slightly vibrating. I keep an eye on - or a very large dragonfly, or an instance unknown to me (and maybe to science). I don’t decide to come closer and see - I’m afraid to scare away and too lazy to get up.
Suited brother. He asks: "Do you want to eat?" I do not even know what to answer. Is it possible in this heat to eat?
- Tell me, dear, and what kind of creation, hanging almost motionless in front of a pomegranate flower?
Brother looks in the direction of my finger and calmly replies: "Hummingbird."
And, as if continuing the started topic, he asks: “Well, do you want to eat, but to drink? For example, cold German beer”
Then I can not stand it and immediately agree loudly.
Looking in the direction of the hummingbird, I do not discover this miracle - I scared off my delight about cold beer. It is a pity, when you still have to see this miracle of hanging up before the longed for.
Brother leaves the house with a refrigerator. He puts on the table bottles, wine glasses and a plate of black olives. Bottles immediately evaporate.
“The hummingbird has flown away,” I say, and open the first chilling hand of the bottle.
We sit, drink a wonderful cold beer. Brother, lighting a cigarette and spreading his leg by the leg, looks at me with some kind of interest that is not clear at such a relaxed moment.
- You here on a hummingbird fell, and I on Van Gogh.
- ?!
“Do you even know how much Van Gogh's Sunflowers are worth now?”
- Approximately 50 - 60 green lemons.
- Almost guessed. To be exact - 74 and a half!
- Why are you, dear brother, suddenly interested in prices on the art market? Do you have money for this business?
- Why do I need money when I have a brother - an artist?
- ?? !!
- Picture the sunflowers, and I will sell them.
- Dear brother, for my "sunflowers" will not give a thousandth of those millions. You have to be born Van Gogh, you have to live by Van Gogh and you have to die by Van Gogh. Have you seen this still life? Did he impress you? Would you pay 74 million for it? If you had them. And me and Van Gogh, it's like a sparrow and a hummingbird. He is a Miracle, I am ordinary.
- What does this small bird? Take another cold beer and listen to what I tell you. I have a familiar dude who keeps a gallery in an entertainment center. I spoke with him on this topic. He said something like this: "Let him make two or three still lifes, try to sell them, and if he does, then we can talk for later."
Cold beer somewhat reduced the rationality and I thought: all alone at a party, there is nothing special to do except cooling beer during the day and warming up, poor local vodka, in the evening. Why not entertain yourself by painting inanimate nature?
Then it was like that. My brother brought me to the gallery and introduced me to a rather nice owner. We drank for a long time and ate with his partner, had a conversation on various men's topics and went off in the evening. Arriving home, my brother asked: "Well, how?" I said, "Let's go for a cold beer, and we'll talk tomorrow." So did.
It is tomorrow. The heat is the same, but the hummingbird did not appear. A brother appeared with a refrigerated box. Drank a cold beer. Feel better. Yesterday's talk about sunflowers flew out of my head. I, but not my brother. Calling a wife.
- Rachek, honey, please bring flowers. They are in the car.
It turns out, while I was sleeping, my brother hit the road somewhere and cut a bunch of sunflowers. I was very surprised by the look of this ordinary plant in our area among the tropical vegetation of the hot world. Raya brought out a vase in the form of a damask, filled it with water and inserted a bright yellow-green bouquet into it. Almost Van Gogh.
When they say “ballet”, Swan Lake comes associatively. At the word "sunflowers", by all means - Van Gogh.
- Well, how? - asked brother.
- A hummingbird flew away.
I have not completely weathered yesterday's seating in the gallery. A brother, agitated by his own idea, could not calm down.
- Stop sour and grab the sunflowers. Yesterday I managed to take a couple of canvases, brushes and paint from a gallery owner. Come on, go ahead. Then pay for the taken.
I thought: the name "Theodore" would have been quite appropriate for my brother. If they called me "Vincent."
For overclocking, I decided to make up a dish with grapes. Large berries, filled with sunlight, fell out over the format of the canvas and I could not hold them back. And I did not hold back. Interrupted by a cold beer, after a couple of days, having finished painting the berries, he proceeded to flowers.
Have I thought about a brilliant artist, smearing yellow and green on canvas? I doubt it. When you fall in love, you do not think about the old love. And not to fall in love with sunflowers is impossible. They burn with yellow color stronger than the scorching southern sun. You can say: scream.
Van Gogh depicted this miracle 11 times (not counting repetitions) and entered world culture forever along with these flowers.

Still life with grapes remained with the gallery owner. His fate is unknown to me. And sunflowers still hang in the house of his brother's wife.
When I finished it, Paradise laid a sumptuous table in the shade of the garden and, when we fully enjoyed the tart southern cuisine, said:
"I have already looked at the place in the living room, you just need to pick a frame."
Brother somehow became quiet and did not mind. Gallery owner picked up and inserted. I nailed a carnation and hung it.
And my brother and I went bankrupt for millions of non-existent dollars.
If a woman wants ...
If the hummingbird flew away ...
$3 500
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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Still life

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 1995

Size: 65×55 cm


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