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Sculptor Nikolai Oleinik

Painting, 2014, 62×50 cm

Description of the artwork «Sculptor Nikolai Oleinik»


Once we live, we live, and then ... once.

With Kolya I studied on the same “stream”. He's on the sculptural, I'm on the graphic. There were many interesting, bright guys at his department, but as Oleinik smiled and laughed, no one laughed and smiled. He did this with his whole face, his hands, and even his body. You meet him in the long corridor of the new building - such a nice student, neat, some very lively one and say: "Hello, Mikola!" And he begins to radiate all over, as if he was standing here for a long time and waiting for you. And from under the chic wheat whiskers, Kolino sounds: "HEALTHY!" And you start to be HEALTHY for the whole day.

I rarely went to their workshop - to the realm of white clay, frames and machines with spinning top, but I was sure (and this was confirmed in the future) - such a beautiful person must be talented and successful.

I remembered about this, as one designer replied to the interlocutor about the assumption of the “non-lethality” of the new aircraft model: “Beautiful? Beautiful! Like that.

And Nick began to "fly" almost immediately after the institute. He flew beautifully, powerfully, sculpturally - created many monuments and memorial plaques, became the author of monuments to outstanding designers of aviation and rocket-space technology, People's Artist (read - a sculptor).
How much energy should there be in a person who creates with his hands huge figures made of clay, gypsum, stone, metal ?! And if this man is not very tall, with not very powerful muscles? ... It turns out that in monumental art, growth and muscles do not really matter. But talent, creative energy and the ability to see the image from the inside are absolutely necessary. And the sculptor Nikolai Oleinik possessed all this and possessed strongly and powerfully! But...
A sculpture, this is not a painting for you - you didn’t buy a picture from me, the customer didn’t like it - it’s bad, but I can set it up, sell it, keep it, donate it.
And what to do if a sculpture of several tons of bronze or stone and the size of a small country house "hung" with an unknown future? And not because the author did not work in full force, but, for example, the customer had exhausted the means, or the intentions, or the authorities could not agree on the installation site. Or ...

How many things can you remember "from the life of sculptures" and sculptors ...

On the geographical territory of the former USSR and the current independent states, there is a real war with monuments going on. Some set contrary to the wishes of the residents, others blow up, dragged from the pedestals with cables, doused with paint and write indecent. In what other country is this happening? I would like to ask. And I ask.

Yes, sculpture, this is not painting for you, although in painting a lot of things were “done” by the people and their aspirations. Like, do not shoot, but the war goes on.
Who will "win"?
I would like to ask. And I ask.

But the real sculptor is not based on orders and the political situation or fashion for "himself known." He sculpts from the complete impossibility of NOT DOING IT! And Nikolai Oleinik had no such opportunity. All his life he created from ordinary gray dust (and what is clay ?!) what still decorates (and I really hope - will continue!) Streets, squares and squares of many cities. You will look at the photo-gallery of his works and think - really, all THAT was conceived and created by one person? A man of not very great height, with not very powerful muscles ...

Quite recently, the 60th anniversary of Nikolai was celebrated. A slight fatigue and some thoughtfulness appeared in his beautiful smile. But he still spoke at the meeting, "Healthy!" and you still became healthy all day.

I never wrote obituaries (hopefully, no longer have to), but ...

It is impossible to "climb" into the idea that you will not meet Kohl here, and that they will no longer say "Healthy!" To you.
I sit, I lie, I walk the second day, and something is not feeling good for me ...
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Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 2014

Size: 62×50 cm


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